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Ward Infrastructure Index (WII)


Systemic transformation through infrastructure indices

The Ward Infrastructure Index measures the quality of public infrastructure and can also be extended to assess various community assets. Published at periodic intervals since 2008, it helps communities and governments understand infrastructure levels and paves the way for scientific, data-driven budget allocation.

Program Details

Over the years, we developed indices for public infrastructure like parks, playgrounds, public toilets, footpaths, streetlights, etc. We also designed tools and data formats to capture this information and worked with partner organisations and citizens to undertake surveys.

The data and insights published as part of the Ward Infrastructure Index can be leveraged by citizens and governments. Infrastructure that scores low should ideally be prioritised for budget allocation to ensure equitable and inclusive levels of basic infrastructure and services across wards. 

Our latest initiative on developing the Walkability Score with communities in Bengaluru is an effort to pilot and publish templates that are open source. This will allow citizen communities in any town or city to participate in the development of their neighbourhood.

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Ward Infrastructure and Services Assessment Index – 2008


Ward Quality Score – 2013


Ward Quality Score Kannada – 2013


Street Quality Score – 2015


Parks, Playgrounds and Public Toilet Scores – 2017


Public toilet score – 2021


Walkability Score – 2022


Walkability Score Methodology, tools and templates


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