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City Politics


Civil society coalitions for systemic urban transformations

City Politics aims to create a coalition of various stakeholders to work towards the common goal of catalysing civic leadership.

It is a public forum that brings together politicians, bureaucrats, activists, civil society organisations, subject-matter experts, and citizens to discuss urban governance, decentralisation, and citizen participation. 

Program Details

The platform facilitates conversations on the ways and means of bettering our cities. It also encourages sharing of best practices, knowledge and ideas.

We are currently working towards a monthly newsletter that will capture these discussions as well as related news from the ecosystem.


13 great conversations catalysed on various important civic matters

Over 70 individuals participated as panellists including grassroots civil society leaders, corporators, ex-corporators, mayors and ex-mayors, bureaucrats, journalists, political strategists, CEOs of political training institutes, youth leaders, MLAs, etc.

Citizen groups in cities like Mysore, Mangaluru, Ballari, Kalaburagi, and Chennai are connecting and progressing on efforts to institutionalise ward committees and budgeting campaigns.

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