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Liveability Metrics


Working with citizens towards urban rejuvenation

Janaagraha partnered with the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) to research, design, and develop the Liveability Metrics for Gurugram as mandated in the GMDA Act 2017. The aim was to define performance indicators and metrics across all categories of infrastructure and public services, and to engage citizens in the transformation of their city.

Program Details

The Liveability Metrics are a set of 42 indicators across 11 different themes under 4 categories. The underlying themes include mobility, government responsiveness, affordable health, urban environment, emergency services and safety, skill development and education, waste management, water supply, drainage and sewage.

These metrics evaluate the current standard of living in the city while also defining benchmarks for the future. They also help measure the GMDA’s progress in improving the quality of life in Gurugram. 

After rigorous public consultations, internal reviews, and stakeholder participation from various government departments, the final indicators of the Liveability Metrics were published in May 2021. You can read more about it here


The Liveability Metrics for Gurugram were notified by the Government of Haryana on 9 December 2021. 

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Insights from the First Public Consultation on Gurugram Liveability Metrics

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