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Public Eye


Making every citizen a traffic warrior

Public Eye is a mobile app developed and launched by Janaagraha’s IChangeMyCity platform in collaboration with the Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP). The app enables citizens to report traffic violations by uploading photos or videos of erring vehicles along their number plates. All complainants will hear back from the BTP within 48 hours.

Program Details

The Public Eye app enlists the help of citizens in curbing traffic violations and improving road safety. It is designed to be easy to navigate and user-friendly. Citizens can click pictures of violations, include relevant details, and post them on the app. 

These complaints are then checked by the traffic police. If they are found to be valid, the violator is penalised according to the prescribed fines. For the violation to be considered valid, the vehicle registration number as well as the violation committed should be visible in the pictures uploaded. 

If the complaint does not meet the required validity parameters, it is rejected by the police. 

Individuals can file complaints based on any of the following categories: 

  • No parking
  • One-way/ No Entry
  • Parking on Footpath
  • Riding on footpath
  • Riding without a helmet
  • Defective/Fancy number plate
  • Stopped on zebra cross
  • Triple riding
  • Using mobile phone
  • Wrong parking
  • Jumping traffic signal
  • Pillion rider not wearing a helmet
  • Stunt riding.


  • 18 lakh violations posted 
  • 13.5 lakh violations booked 
  • An average of 74% of complaints booked

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