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Civic Learning


Reimagining civic education in India

Janaagraha’s Civic Learning initiative seeks to transform the youth of urban India into informed, responsible, and active citizens. The program fosters a sense of civic duty and responsibility while also imparting critical skills like systems thinking, leadership, and teamwork. It encourages children and youth to take ownership of their neighbourhoods and cities, and to work collaboratively with the government to improve them.

Program Details

Janaagraha’s Civic Learning initiative was developed to address this. 

The program adopts a hybrid model of learning where classroom teaching is supported by experiential learning.  

Challenges like climate change, sanitation, gender, and governance are discussed and students are encouraged to analyse the local impact of these global issues. They are taught to look beyond the symptoms to understand the root causes and are also guided on how to approach them.

The program focuses on imparting three types of essential skills, namely:

  • Learning skills (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills)
  • Literacy skills (building capability using information, media and technology)
  • Life skills (leadership skills, initiative, productivity, and social skills)

A three-pronged approach is used to implement the program:

  • Aligned Lesson Plans (ALP)
    Civics and science-themed lesson plans for NCERT and state boards focused on pedagogy. Activity-based, experiential learning with practical applicability is promoted.
  • Civic Action Plan (CAP)
    Seven high-impact modules on practical Active Citizenship for 6th to 9th graders. Topic-specific project activities follow each session.
  • Our City, Our Challenge (OCOC)
    A platform to demonstrate Active Citizenship that can potentially influence quality of life. Participants track the impact of their actions and the challenge culminates in our Civic Fest.


  • 480,596 children transformed
  • 26,980 hyper-local challenges identified and solved by children across 800 schools and 26 cities 
  • 1,200 educators trained in civic teaching
  • 11,690+ children and youth participants in Annual Civic Fests

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We have also developed story books and learning guides to help children navigate contemporary challenges like conservation and climate change. You can access the civic learning story books here.

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