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Public Finance Management


Tracking the full life-cycle of grants from State/Centre to ULBs

Janaagraha aims to improve public finance systems by enabling efficient allocation, and fast and full utilization, of funds. We are working on ensuring frictionless expenditure and are re-engineering the processes of public finance systems. Additionally, we are also developing a data ecosystem for reporting, transparency and accountability in a way that improves service delivery.

Program Details

In Odisha, Janaagraha aims to implement a digital public finance management system that ensures spending efficiency through real-time monitoring of expenditure by ULBs and parastatals for state/central transfers. The system enables data-driven allocations and offers guidance on the effectiveness of different fund flow processes to ULBs and parastatals. It also improves the budgetary, accounting and auditing processes of ULBs by streamlining key schemes and building tools to facilitate budget preparation and execution.

On 1 February 2023, Janaagraha signed an MoU with the Urban Development Department (UDD), Government of Uttar Pradesh, to improve urban governance and public finances in cities throughout the state. We will help UDD set up systems to track grants from the state/centre to ULBs and monitor related outputs. We will also assist in designing the process to ensure the completion of compliances by ULBs in order to access the 15th FC Grants. Additionally, we will work with the Department to improve financial management processes in ULBs.

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