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6th Haryana State Finance Commission


Landscape Study of City-Systems in Haryana

Janaagraha provided technical support to the 6th State Finance Commission of Haryana by assessing the quality of urban governance and the financial sustainability of the state’s urban sector.

Program Details

We conducted a comprehensive landscape analysis of city-systems and also assessed the fiscal sustainability of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs). Our research took into consideration the voice of Haryana’s city leaders and citizens.

Janaagraha’s study, titled ‘A New Urban Agenda for Haryana,’ included an extensive diagnosis of the systemic challenges to quality of life, service delivery, and governance in the state’s urban centres. It consisted of an assessment of the ground realities through field surveys and also included a reform roadmap for transformative change.


One of our key recommendations of linking performance and matching grants to cities achieving a year-on-year increase in property tax collection (in line with the Fifteenth Finance Commission grants) was accepted.

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